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Freedom of movement for EU citizens
Message écrit le 6/07/2008 par Kitty
Why does France give no legal rights to British gay couples who have performed a British civil partnerhsip in the U.K. Despite the fact that France does not recognise the British civil partnership, France also refuses to allow British civil partners to perform a French PACS which would allow British civil partners to protect themselves from the 60% inheritance tax and allow them to protect themselves from the French laws of inheritance. At the moment PACSed gay couples are protected from these. France also refuses to accept article 25 of the double taxation treaty between the U.K and France which prohibits discrimination between people in the same sitution. Gay couples in a PACS inh France are in the same sitution as gay couples in a civil partnership in the U.K. The U.K gives all the same legal benefits to a French gay PACsed couples as it does to its own nationals in a civil partnership. Why does France choose to discriminate against British gay couples. This discrimination not only on sexual orientation but also on nationality terms prevents British gay couples living and taking up employment in France and prohibits free movement of EU citizens. Why does France do this ?

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