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Blue Collar Employment in Western EU countries
Message écrit le 8/07/2008 par Susanna Satu

Dear Sirs,

after the 2004 enlargement, numerous companies have moved their production away from the more expensive western European countries to lower wage eastern EU countries. How many jobs in production have been moved to the new members ? What are the exact figures ?

My perception is that these changes have created unemployment in the western "old" EU countries, and that they will continue to do so in the future to an even larger extent. What is the political rationale behind it ? Does not a government minister, ie. a politician, endanger his future with a policy that will very likely create unhappy (because unemployed) constituents ?

I understand the strategic importance of the 2004 enlargement, I do not understand the economic and political rationale behind it. Would you explain ? Would you also outline your plans to combat large-scale blue collar unemployment in Western Europe ?

What do you propose for the blue collar workers in western EU countries ? What should they do ?

My uncle and cousin are both factory workers.

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