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Tangible Europe, a Europe that listens to you : put your questions to the EU ministers of Employment and Social Affairs !
At one of the French Presidency’s first big meetings in the social issues sphere, Xavier Bertrand, Minister of Employment, Social Relations, the Family and Solidarity, wishes to let net surfers have their say.

On 10 and 11 July, a meeting of the ministers of labour, employment and social policy of the 27 Member States is to take place in Chantilly, Oise. Together they will discuss over two days the key social issues of the French Presidency, focusing more specifically on three topics, in round table debates on :

   Social consequences of globalisation and climate change
   Social cohesion and non-discrimination

Because these issues concern us all, and because the European Union’s action in these spheres has a very tangible impact on the everyday lives of European citizens, the French Presidency invites you, as of now, to post on the forum any questions you would like to put to one or all of the EU ministers of the 27 Member States. The questions that come up most often will be selected and raised at the round tables devoted to these topics, and the ministers will respond to them directly. Their responses will be posted on this forum. So, for a more tangible Europe, let’s have some dialogue !

Topics of debate

Social consequences of globalisation and climate change : These are two challenges that have major social consequences and could have an impact on the circumstances of many European workers. How can Europe anticipate and keep pace with these consequences ? How can the 27 of us take things further ? Is it possible together to have an influence outside our borders and put more of a social stamp on globalisation ? These are just some of the questions that ministers will be discussing, with a view to finding solutions to enable the European Union to become a full social actor, more effective both within and outside its borders.

Demographic change and the ageing of the European population are today a reality. What can we do at EU level to tackle issues such as solidarity among generations ? How can we bring common responses to parents’ desire to reconcile professional and family life ? What solutions are already in place in some Member States, and how can draw on them ? This round table will be an opportunity for ministers to exchange best practice, compare experiences and, here too, go further in setting out common commitments on these issues.

Europe also needs to protect those facing difficulties getting back to work, along with the most fragile of its citizens ; it needs to bring tangible solutions to combat discrimination. How can we tackle poverty together ? How can we protect all European citizens, without exception ? These are the issues at stake in the third debate, which should lead to common guidelines for building a more tangible Europe that is both closer to, and more protective of, its citizens, and proposes a genuine social project.

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Les trois derniers verbatims...

Par Susanna Satu :
Dear Sirs,
after the 2004 enlargement, numerous companies have moved their production away from the more expensive western European countries to lower wage eastern EU countries. How many jobs in production have been moved to the new members ? What are the exact figures ?
My perception is that these changes have created unemployment in the western "old" EU countries, and that they will continue to do so in the future to an even larger extent. What is the political rationale behind it ? Does not a government minister, ie. a politician, endanger his future with a policy that will very (...)
Par Kitty :
Why does France give no legal rights to British gay couples who have performed a British civil partnerhsip in the U.K. Despite the fact that France does not recognise the British civil partnership, France also refuses to allow British civil partners to perform a French PACS which would allow British civil partners to protect themselves from the 60% inheritance tax and allow them to protect themselves from the French laws of inheritance. At the moment PACSed gay couples are protected from these. France also refuses to accept article 25 of the double taxation treaty between the U.K and France (...)
Par Pierrot 14 :
I have worked in the UK for over 25 years as a fully qualified lorry driver with a C+E LGV licence. I have driven all over Europe as part of my duties. My licence , though issued in England, has the EU symbol on the front. I do not assume that I know everything about driving and driving regulations, but experience does give you a good insight into the job. I now live in France and would like to know, as the subject title suggests, why before I can start to work for a French haulier, I have to take a 156 hour course, costing me 2000 Euros, to teach me how to drive a lorry, basic (...)

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